Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean

Ground Coffee or Whole Bean? What are the differences between the grind types? These are two questions that we get asked a lot!

We're breaking down the differences between both and the different types of ground coffee.

Whole Bean

When you store whole bean coffee properly and grind them as you go, you are getting the freshest cup of coffee each time! Whole beans also last longer than ground coffee. If you don't mind adding in a few extra minutes into your coffee routine, we recommend opting for whole bean!

Ground Coffee

While whole bean options are great, we completely understand that not everyone has the time to grind coffee each morning. We offer 3 different types of ground coffee: Coarse, Drip, and Espresso.


Coarse grind coffee is chunky, and perfect for cold brew or coffee being made in a French Press.

Everyday Hustle is a great blend for cold brew!


Drip, or medium grind, is great for regular coffee makers and pour over coffee.


Espresso is a fine grind, and great for Espresso machines.

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