How to Make a Cold Brew with a French Press

Our favorite way to make a cold brew is with a french press! It's quick and easy.

You will need a French Press (duh). Our favorite brand is Bodum! It's affordable and great. If your order your coffee whole bean, you'll also need a grinder. If not, we recommend ordering coffee that is coarse grind!

Out of the Brycks Coffee flavors, Ride or Die and Everyday Hustle are our favorites for cold brew! Each can be ordered in whole bean or coarse.

For each cup of water, you want to use 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Place the grounds at the bottom of the French press and pour cold or room temperature water over the grounds. Be sure all of the grounds are covered. Take a spoon or fork and stir. Cover the french press, but do not plunge it yet! Another great option is to cover the french press with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Place it in the refrigerator to brew for at least 12 hours. After brewing, plunge, and enjoy!

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